Topics for master's and bachelor's theses

  1. How to achieve increased active mobility? 
  2. How to motivate people to use car sharing/pooling - what effects could this have for the city? 
  3. Some ways to solve parking problems in cities using technology. 
  4. How to increase the proportion of environmentally friendly travel and what measures must we take when the city or the surrounding areas grow? 
  5. Which technology solutions can contribute to better transport and mobility in cities? 
  6. How to make public transport more accessible for disabled people? 
  7. "Bike washing machine" that precisely washes the bike, and oils what needs it. Including solution for handling the water (which contains oil, salt and dirt). 
  8. "VR container" for bicycles. Such as Way traffic school has for cars, but for bicycles. This can be sent around to e.g. secondary schools and primary schools for bicycle training. It will be a digital version of the cycle yard we have at Berg, as well as the town centres. 
  9. How can an electric boat replace a bridge in a city. Simple and fast transport over a river where you don't want more bridges, or over the canal (where there is already a test ferry). What should such vessels look like, adaptation so that it is easy to bring a bicycle, pram, and wheelchair - even if tides mean that there are different heights between the quay and the boat. For example, they have long had "city ferries" in Fredrikstad. 
  10. Which stretches in the city centre should the autonomous boat go, where should the calls be? 
  11. What is the most optimal redistribution (logistics) of city bikes to ensure bikes where people leave and free spaces where people go to? Type creates an algorithm for the logistics.

                    IMPORTANT DATES

                    Data Protection Officer for Research (NSD)

                    Students are recommended to look at the above-mentioned issue before starting their projects/research work.

                    Preliminary project report

                    Here is a structure for the preliminary project report / preliminary study report:

                    (1) Background to the subject (1/2 to 1 page)
                    (2) Problem statement and limitations of the study (1/2 to 1 page)
                    (3) Relevant literature (1/2 to 1 page)
                    (4) Intended Methodology (1/2 to 1 page)
                    (5) Preliminary table of contents for the report (1 page)
                    (6) WBS (1 page)
                    (7) Plan (1 page)



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