MoST Fagseminar 24. april 2024

Summary of MoST fagseminar

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MoST and fellow Marius Vigen had the pleasure of inviting Prof. Ugo Corte to Trondheim for the implementation of the PhD workshop 'Qualitative Methods with a Focus on Theory-Building and Writing' at NTNU Dragvoll.

Corte is professor of sociology at the University of Stavanger and his research on creative work, small groups, and culture has been published in a selection of recognized journals such as Sociological Theory, Social Psychology Quarterly, and Sociological Forum. His broad experience with ethnographic methods, including related to sociological analyzes of expert groups' creative collaboration, is relevant to several of the fellows in MoST.

Through individual tasks in advance, as well as good discussions along the way, the doctoral fellows who participated in the workshop had the opportunity to reflect on what working qualitatively entails in qualitative research in general, as well as in their own PhD projects in particular. Corte's visit to Trondheim forms a good starting point for further work planned in MoST Work Package 1, linked to reflections on the close cooperation and closeness MoST has with various partners in the municipality, county council and state, regarding tomorrow's mobility and urban development. We thank Ugo Corte, and the fellows who participated in the workshop, for a great academic arrangement, and look forward to the continuation.

Working group Mobility

The transport sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases. All forms of transport must become more sustainable, with green alternatives widely available. Through its projects, this working group will contribute to changing the way people and goods move. Key aspects include combining different forms of transport in a single journey, increasing the share of public transport and cycling, and developing the right incentives to drive the transition. Digitization will be an indispensable driving force for the modernization of the transport system, and opens up for seamless, smart and efficient solutions.

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Mobilitetslab Stor-Trondheim

By 2030, the Elgeseter Innovation District will be a zero-emissions area with effective mobility solutions that look after and stimulate a number of arenas with an innovation culture of international caliber - in close cooperation with the users of the area. NTNU offers a "Living Lab", with researchers, professors, PhD students and students who contribute to the best sustainable and cost-effective mobility solutions.

Collaboration partners: The Environment Package, Trøndelag County Municipality, Trondheim Municipality, NTNU (Several faculties: IV, IE, AD, ØK).

Read more about Mobility Lab

The lab will be a national force for research and development of forward-looking, sustainable mobility solutions.

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